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Kentucky’s Own Trifecta Barbecue Sauce

Making it as Delicious as it is Cool to Buy Local

You know what a huge fan I am of Kentucky food and all made in Kentucky products. I’ve preached so much about supporting our friends and neighbors that I’m sure I don’t have to step anywhere near my soapbox today….Read more!

Trifecta Original and Sweet Heat Barbecue Sauce –

Trifecta sauces are a Kentucky based trio of sauces containing a mild, medium and hot variety. This review is for their Original Barbecue Sauce, their mild variety…Read more!

Trifecta Blazing Barbecue Sauce –

Trifecta sauces are a Kentucky based trio of sauces containing a mild, medium and hot variety. This review is for their Blazing Barbecue Sauce, their hot variety….Read more!

Sauced: Trifecta Sweet Heat Barbecue Sauce

An exemplary ubiquitous barbecue sauce that builds layers of sweetness, tang, fruitiness, and heat against a very bright and clean base that makes it really stand out in crowded field of barbecue sauces…Read more!

Three Louisville Businesses Need Your Votes in Martha Stewart American Made Awards

Interest from national magazines in what makes Louisville tick continues to ramp up…Read more!

Your vote could help 11 Kentucky companies in Martha Stewart American Made contest

Several Kentucky companies have been selected by Martha Stewart and the editors of Martha Stewart Living magazine as finalists in the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards…Read more!

Vote – Martha Stewart American Made

Several Kentucky companies have been selected by Martha Stewart and her judges as finalists in the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards…Read more!

Martha Stewart’s American Made 2014 contest finalists have been named and Kentucky is well represented

Read more!

Martha Stewart recognizes Louisville products in American Made contest

Finalists for Martha Stewart’s 2014 American Made awards have been announced, and included are three Louisville products: Copper & Kings American Brandy Co., Rooibee Red Tea and Trifecta Sauce Co…Read more!

The Buzz | Ky products make Martha Stewart cut

The 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards finalists have been announced, and several Kentucky entries have made the cut…Read more!

Tailgating gets kicked up with Trifecta BBQ Shrimp and a sweet corn hobo packet

Tailgating season is finally here with the start of college football. And it wouldn’t be tailgating without firing up the grill…Read more!

Spice up your next meal with Trifecta sauces

Stuck in a food rut? Why not give Trifecta Sauces a try? Chef Anoosh Shariat shows us how to spice up your next meal using the sauces…Read more!

Trifecta Gourmet Sauces – Product Review

The Trifecta Sauce Company is based in Louisville, KY and traces it routes to co-owner Matt Trimpe’s backyard in 1996 when they ran out of sauce at a backyard BBQ and using what he had on hand and a faint recollection of his mother’s sauce he made his own…Read more!

Trifecta Sauce Co. now for sale in more stores

Trifecta Sauce Co.’s four barbecue sauces just got a little easier to find. The Louisville-based sauce producer now is sold in 79 Marsh Supermarkets and MainStreet Markets in Indiana and Ohio…Read more!

Trifecta Sauce Co., pours it on

The UpTake: Trifecta Sauce Co. got started at a backyard barbecue, now it has four products on store shelves and has turned into a real business for its creators…Read more!

Startup food company, Trifecta Sauce Co., pours it on

Trifecta barbecue sauce, as indicated by its name, embodies “the rule of three.” Three friends — Matt Trimpe, Matt Robbins and Jason Jones –— founded and co-own Louisville-based Trifecta Sauce Co.…Read more!

Easy recipes to turn your Derby party into a BBQ

Creating the perfect menu for your Derby party can be challenging. But a barbecue may be just the ticket for your gathering. Chef Bill Lynch of The Bristol shows some quick and easy Derby-inspired BBQ dishes perfect for your Derby party using Trifecta Sauces and marinades.…Read more!

Get Sauced!

Just in time for the peak of grill season, Trifecta Gourmet Sauces adds a new product to its line of succulent, lick-off-your-fingers barbecue sauces….Read more!

Trifecta Sauce debuts bourbon marinade

Get sauced without making a scene with this Louisville-based company’s bourbon marinade.…Read more!

Sauce maker celebrates Derby with release of Kentucky bourbon marinade

Trifecta Sauce Company is hoping for a superfecta with its latest product.…Read more!

Louisville’s Trifecta Sauce Company Reveals New Look Steeped in Tradition

The Louisville brand Trifecta Sauce Company added a new bourbon-based marinade to its line of gourmet barbecue this week, along with a new look that reflects the growth and sophistication of a proud Kentucky business.…Read more!

Grilled Bourbon Thighs using Trifecta Kentucky Bourbon Marinade

I was recently sent 4 different sauces from the Trifecta Sauce Company. This one is a marinade so I am doing a separate review as the other ones were BBQ sauces. You can find that review over here. This sauce is a perfect marinade for chicken and any other type of meat such as beef, pork and… Read more!

A New York Foodie Review:

I was recently sent some BBQ Sauces from Trifecta Sauces for review! Sweet Heat, Original, Blazing BBQ and Kentucky Bourbon Marinade. In this post I will be reviewing all of them except the Kentucky Bourbon Marinade which I will review in a separate post.

To get the full flavor of the sauces I just made plain bbq chicken basting it in the sauce during the last 10 minutes of cooking and serving the sauce on the side. Read more!